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3 Beneficial Ways 3D Technology Is Changing the Restoration Industry

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO 3D technology rendering Contact the professionals at SERVPRO for accurate property assessments!

The ability to generate three-dimensional (3D) models of restoration projects has vastly improved the accuracy and efficiency.

When a disaster strikes a property, be it from water, fire, or storm damage, time is of the essence to mitigate and repair the damage. In the past, this process required an on-site assessment by a restoration professional and insurance adjuster. Unfortunately, the on-site assessment was often inaccurate, as all parties missed essential details.

With 3D technology such as Matterport, restoration professionals can now create virtual 3D walkthroughs of properties allowing for a much more thorough and accurate assessment of the damage and a better understanding of what is needed to restore the property to its original condition. Matterport is just one of many 3D technologies used in our industry and has already made a considerable impact.

The following blog post will explore the top three benefits of using 3D technology and why you should contact SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin & Gilmer Counties when your property needs restoring.

The top three benefits of 3D technology 

Here are the three main benefits of 3D technology in the restoration industry:

Benefit 1: Increased accuracy

When a 3D model of a property is generated, it provides an incredibly accurate representation of the property because 3D models use lasers and 360-degree cameras, which capture every detail of the property.

This level of accuracy is essential for a more accurate assessment of the damage. An accurate assessment is vital because it will enable restoration professionals to develop a more precise repair plan. 

Benefit 2: Save time

Another huge benefit of 3D technology is that it can save significant time. One of the most critical ways 3D models can save time is by being used for insurance claims. Insurance companies can assess the damage without sending an adjuster to the property. Again, this can save a significant amount of time, which is important when every minute counts.

Benefit 3: Improved communication

The last benefit of 3D technology is that it can improve communication. For example, 3D models can be used to create virtual walkthroughs of properties allowing those looking at the rendering to see a before and after of a restoration project.

Before and after scans can be beneficial for all parties, as they can see the extent of the damage and the quality of the work done. 

Why SERVPRO 3D technology

We understand that you need a reliable and trustworthy restoration company when your property has significant damages. That's why we're proud to offer 3D renderings to our clients. This technology will give you an accurate damage assessment and a more precise repair plan.

SERVPRO is a proud user of Matterport. We are one of the first companies to use it in the restoration industry. As a result, we've seen firsthand how this technology can help our clients.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed learning about the three benefits of 3D technology in the restoration industry. 3D technology is changing the way that restoration companies operate, and it is providing several benefits to both customers and restoration professionals.

SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin & Gilmer Counties is proud to offer 3D technology to our clients, and we are committed to providing the best possible service. When you choose SERVPRO for property restoration services, we will:

  • Use the 3D model to generate a virtual walkthrough of your property
  • Use the 3D model to create an accurate damage assessment
  • Use the 3D model to develop a more precise repair plan
  • Perform a 3D scan before and after the restoration project to show you the quality of our work

If you have any questions or need a reliable and trustworthy restoration company, please contact SERVPRO of Union, Towns, Fannin & Gilmer Counties. We're here to help! 

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