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Building Services Testimonials

Ann and I were delighted with the service we had when a slow leak in our refrigerator did major damage. Very professional. There was one problem with the work of one of the sub contractors. Keith Wall made the corrections necessary at his expense. Great work, best part HONORABLE!! An unqualified approval. We highly recommend his company.

Everyone that appeared at the house, either to take measurements, do estimates, the cleaning and the rebuilding, were very professional and neat in their appearance. Everyone was informative in telling us what they were doing or going to do. This also includes the ladies that work in your office.

I have been very favorably impressed with SERVPRO's services. They are very respectful of my home and very efficient and thorough in the job they do. I would highly recommend them.

During the time SERVPRO has been helping us, my wife and I witnessed True Professionalism at it's best. During the removal of the bottom cabinets, while we were away at work, everything had been packed and stored in our garage neatly. Even finding a piece of jewelry with a note telling us about it. Their Honesty with this missing piece of jewelry was impressive. Thank you for your help in our time of need.

Jeff and Isaiah stayed and made sure the job was completed to my satisfaction. Great team!

Very professional and informative. They took care of work that needed to be done fast and professionally.

SERVPRO basically saved our house, which suffered a catastrophic loss after a burst pipe ran for five weeks while we were away. Ceilings were down, floors were buckled, walls were is tatters, and furniture was ruined. SERVPRO was expert in the demolition: they took the interior down to studs and joists, assured the integrity of the framing, and left us with a pristine, mold-free interior ready for a rebuild. We owe our house to David Moore and John, who helped us every step of the way. Thank you!